Dr. Patrick Moore – A Dearth of Carbon?

He takes issue with NGO’s over Climate

Moore in part 2 of our Conversation where he takes issue with NGO’s over climate, genetically modified organisms and what he says is the truth about carbon.

Dr. Moore says we were literally running
out of carbon before we started to pump it back into the atmosphere, “CO2 has been declining to where it is getting close to the end of plant life, and in another 1.8 million years, life would begin to die on planet Earth for lack of CO2.”

According to Moore it is life itself that
has been consuming carbon and storing it in carbonaceous rocks. He goes on to say, “billions of tons of carbonaceous rock represent carbon dioxide pulled out of the atmosphere, and because the Earth has cooled over the millennia, nature is no longer putting
CO2 into the atmosphere to offset this.”

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