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Putin’s Russia Exposed the US/West’s Lies!!

Putin’s Russia Exposed the US/West’s Lies!!

In this eye-opening interview, Tucker Carlson dives deep into the highly controversial topic of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. It’s no surprise that this conversation has stirred the anger of Washington, as it sheds light on hidden truths and exposes the web of deceit. Russian President Vladimir Putin vehemently denies any intention of expanding the conflict beyond Ukraine’s borders – contrary to the fears of countries like Poland & Latvia, who are NATO members. Putin goes even further by suggesting that the West is slowly realizing the futility of trying to defeat Russia in Ukraine. When asked about the possibility of Russian troops entering Poland, Putin categorically states it would only occur if Poland initiated aggression against Russia.

This interview undoubtedly highlights one certainty – the West has come to terms with the undeniable reality that defeating Russia in Ukraine is a Herculean task.
One thing is for sure, the West has started to acknowledge the realities of the situation in Ukraine. Whether we like it or not, the truth seems to be unraveling before our eyes. And it’s crucial that we uncover these truths, no matter how uncomfortable they may be.

It’s time to question what we hear, challenge the narratives, and seek out the real facts. Only then can we truly understand the complexities of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
Credit to : Geopolitical Trends, w/Dr. David Oualaalou

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