Russian Gains, US Gears Up for Crimea Escalation, US Proxies Strike China/Pakistan in Train Bombing

Russian-Ukrainian conflict for January 23, 2023

Update on Russian-Ukrainian conflict for January 23, 2023 + Pakistan train bombing as part of US proxy war on China.

– Russian forces are reportedly advancing in Zaporozhye while Ukraine continues losing ground around Bakhmut;

– Russian pushes in Zaporozhye could be (1) recon in force, (2) extending existing security zone ahead of actual Russian front line or (3) spoiling attacks on forces assembling for a future offensive;

– Ukrainian losses are severe and Reuters is reporting on supposed warnings by the US to Ukraine about going on the offensive;

– Weapon shipments have been announced for Ukraine including a significant US DoD package, as well as all of Denmark’s Caesar self-propelled howitzers and all of Estonia’s FH-70 towed howitzers;

– A recent bombing targeting a train in southwest Pakistan is part of a long-term proxy conflict waged by Washington against China and its Belt and Road partners;

– The US has promoted separatism in Pakistan’s southwest region of Baluchistan for years specifically to block Chinese-Pakistani cooperation and development;

Credit to : The New Atlas