The ‘Climate Comedy’ Spells ‘Future Calamity’

Climate Comedy Spells Future Calamity

Sky News host Rowan Dean says the “climate comedy” spells future calamity.
“The truth is that the climate cult is riddled with falsehoods and hypocrisy, and it is you who is being played upon by people raking in billions from renewables into their own hedge funds, exploiting your good will to make a fortune for themselves,” Mr Dean said.
Mr Dean said the “renewables revolution” requires a massive increase in mining across the globe and a “massive plundering” of rare earth minerals to provide the materials used in wind turbines, solar panels and electric storage batteries for EVs.
“Yet here in Australia we have … Energy Minister Chris Bowen hanging your entire future on the push for renewables and electric vehicles to replace what we already have and what we rely upon,” he said.
Credit to : Sky news Australia